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Alana is one sultry babe whom you would really get addicted. She is a perfect seductress having sweet nature, gorgeous body and well expert in art of love making. Madrid escolta She has shining black hair, stunning blue eyes, slim figure and tiny bust driving any man crazy. Overall, she is perfect girlfriend material with whom you can talk at ease and later make sensual love in her well polished apartment.
Despite being born with good looks; she is the most humble person you would come across in your life. She has no problem with type of restaurant, your apartment or your age at all.  She wants to be treated as a close friend not a piece of meat like most people treat call-girls
Her love skill is as good as her humble nature is. She treats you with a deep passionate kiss as you enter her apartment and motivate you to unzip her dress, fondle her lovely tits and kiss her passionately from top to bottom. She is also fond of bondage games especially where kissing and touching is required. Lastly, she makes you happy through coupling in KS or missionary position.
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My sex story

One night with an Old man I still remember my first shower experience. I was just new in profession and pretty much excited of my first date. I expected a rich handsome prince for my first date as my agency has presented me perfect picture while joining. But, instead of a hot dude; my date was a 55 year old man looking for some hot sexual experience. My heart said no but since it was my first date; I couldn’t threw my demands. Hesitantly, I waited for him to arrive in my apartment. I really wished that my date got cancelled. But, it didn’t happen. The guy arrived in my apartment on time. He was old enough to be my grand-father and wanted a fresh girl for sexual experience. I offered him a glass of wine to make him comfortable. The old man gulped it down in one shot. After drink, he looked me keenly from top to bottom and told me to take off my clothes. Reluctantly, I unzipped my top along with pants and came in undergarments within 2 minutes. The old man stood up from sofa, came close to me and ran his firm hands all over my soft body. The old man was a smooth operator as he ran his hands frequently over my chest. He told me to take him to bedroom for further action. I obliged like an obedient child and guided him to my bedroom. Here, he got naked and made me sit on the bed. The old man removed my bra strap and gently lay me down on the bed. Now, he kissed me passionately on lips. He rolled his tongue quite deep inside my mouth while his hands played with my lovely tits. He kept rolling his tongue for some time till he move towards my neck and pour down soft kisses over it while his hands gently played with my tits. Though he was old; the guy was very gentle with me. When ever, he was tired of kissing, he ran his old firm hands over my soft skin from top to bottom. His lips moved everywhere from top to bottom all over my body. Finally, he spread my legs apart and inserted his cock deep inside my body. Soon, both of us achieved our sexual nirvana i.e. our sexual orgasm and went to a deep sleep. When I woke up, I realized that the guy was quite gentle all the night with me. The old man thanked me a lot for removing his loneliness. He told me that he lived all alone in Moscow. His Old-Wife died two years back and his son was busy in his own life. As he didn’t have many friends in the city; he decided to check out escort to have some love moments in his dull life. He told me to visit again too. I too returned him with a big hug and told him what I really felt; how much I loved our sexual encounter and requested him to visit me again whenever he wanted to. I told him I would always treat him specially. Now, when I remember about this encounter; I feel ashamed of what I really thought of it. Thanks to my encounter with old-man; now I know how much they desire a lovely company. 

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Joanne is one escort whom you would get extremely fond of. She is a fun loving girl who spread happiness wherever she goes. escolta Madrid She is best suited to be your companion when you are really down and want something to cheer you up. As your GF, she will take you to best places in the city where you can enjoy life and forget every sad thing going on in your life.
She loves to undress as soon as both of you are alone. Like a 16 year old naughty girl, she likes to flaunt her body and love it when you touch it. Her love making skills include passionate kisses on lips, all over her body and finally have pleasure through multiple positions. Not only this, she is passionate about giving you a hot oral job sucking your organ like a Choco bar. In-fact, people say that you should not miss it if you are spending time with Joanne.
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My sex story

As an Escort, I am used to meeting different kinds of men. Some men you remember, some you just want to forget.  In my escort service for 5 years, one of my sweetest erotic date was with an Indian Programmer who was from Hyderabad.
His name was Shankar and he was getting married soon. The guy had booked my service so that he can get some sexual experience before his first wedding night. He was very keen to perform well on his wedding night and don’t want to disappoint his wife.
When he arrived in my apartment, he was very nervous. Infact, words were not coming from his mouth. To relax his nerves, I made him a wine which he finished in single gulped. I started conversing to get over formal environment. Soon, he was in ease and sit in my bed as if he was waiting for some event to take place.
I didn’t disappoint him too; I played soft music on me deck and started removing my clothes. His mouth was wide open like a small child when I performed striptease. Soon, I was standing in two piece lingerie in front of him.  He got very excited and I could see the bulge inside his pant. I took off his clothes to make him naked. Once, he was naked except his underwear, I made him lie in bed. I took out oil from my cupboard and started applying on his body. He laughed like a child when my soft hands move over his firm body. My hands started from his face, move to neck and finally rested inside his underwear.  I started playing with his organ inside his underwear. Soon, I couldn’t control my excitement and rip off his underwear to see his cock. His cock was a dark beauty and quite huge. I started sucking it like an ice cream and soon he ejaculated inside my mouth. Now he was really excited and couldn’t control his feelings.
He rose from bed, gave me a deep kiss and said, “Enough.” “Now, it is my turn”
He laid me on bed and started giving me a sensual massage. His oily hands move all over body, especially on my breasts which he fondled gently. I shivered with excitement when his hands went inside my panty.  I screamed when his finger went inside my vagina. To silence me, his lips fastened on my lips and he kissed them passionately till they become swollen. Then, he move to neck, navel and finally on my breasts which he suckled like  a child. While his mouth was moving all over my body, his finger was moving with full intensity inside my vagina. Soon, I had a  mind blowing orgasm.
He didn’t stop at this. Satisfying himself from kissing, he turned me upside down , spread my legs and  inserted his cock fastly inside my vagina.  He moved with such a fast speed that I was feeling pain and excitement at same time. Soon, he released as sperm shot inside my body and both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time.
He sent me his wedding pics on my mail id and really thanked me for boosting his confidence. His wife was very happy with him and he told me he was going to become a father soon.
I feel really glad of making Shankar realize his manliness. Most important, he showed me enough respect and gratitude which most men do not show to escort girls.